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We Hire Truck Drivers for Heartland Express




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 Accepted Experience Levels 
6 Months In the Past 7 Months OR 9 Months In the Past 12 Months

All information is subject to change without notice but is valid to our knowledge at this time.


Minimum Age

  • 21 years

Minimum Experience (tractor Trailer/OTR)

  • Must have 6 months OTR experience in the past 7 months, 9 months in the past year, or 12 months in the past 3 years 

* If the driver has 2 years or more of OTR experience and 90 recent OTR experience, they can be off the road for up to 24 months

* They will accept oil field exp as countable exp

* Please see qualifications sheet for more information on experience


Moving Violations (max in 3 year period)

  • No more than 4 in the past 3 years

  • No more than 2 in any 12 month period

Policy on License suspensions

  • No Child Support suspensions within the past 12 months

DOT Recordable Accidents

  • No preventable in excess of $10,000 in the last 3 years

  • No major preventable accident (serious injury/fatality) in the past 5 years

Incidents (max in 3 year period)

  • No more than 3 NON DOT incidents in the last 3 years

Ticket / Accident / Incident Combo

  • No more than 4 ticket/accidents in the last 5 years

Maximum Major Moving Violation (in the last 3 years)

  • No more than 1 speeding ticket for 15+

No serious traffic violations in the last 3 years including but not limited to;

  • Reckless or Careless Driving

  • Failure to Control Vehicle

Max. Number of Jobs- in the last 3 years

  • Will review any number, but typically no more then 6

Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted for

  • Upon Review

Terminated Applicants

  • Will review as long as they were not terminated from their last driving job for a safety issue

Felony Convictions - How old must they be?
Based off the conviction date? What are the "silver bullets"?

  • Driver has to be able to go to Canada

  • No Drug related convictions in the past 10 years

Misdemeanors- How old must they be?
Automatic DQ's?

  • Driver has to be able to go to Canada

  • No Drug related convictions in the past 10 years

* All other charges will be reviewed

DUI/DWI- What is the max number and what
time frames do they need to fall outside of?

  •  Only 1 in a lifetime and it must be outside of 5 years

* All other charges will be reviewed

* Go by conviction date

Is Haz-Mat Required? Is there a grace period for
driver to obtain it?

  • No

Reimbursed for Haz-Mat?

  • No

Haz-Mat Pay Info

  • $0.01 cpm for all miles driven for any driver that carries the endorsement. (Whether the load is hazmat or not)

  • Teams - Both Drivers need hazmat to get paid for it

DOT Physical Requirements

  • They prefer to have the Long Form Physical up front, but it's not required

  • If Driver needs a new physical, they may get one in Orientation. Heartland wants to review the LFP first.

Drug Screening

  • Urine

* Heartland will consider a failed Drug/Alcohol test if outside of 10 years/No SAP needed

Automatic DQ's

None of the following in the past 5 years

  • Leaving the scene of an accident

  • 2 serious Moving Violations



Sign-On Bonus

  • $500 Bonus after the driver delivers their second load

    This is paid on the EFS card so a driver can get access to it within a couple of hours

Driver Types

  • Solos

  • Teams

Types of Runs

  • OTR

  • Regional

  • Teams - Will match - See Info Sheet FMI

 * See hiring maps located in Info Sheet

Type of Freight

  • Dry Van

Type of Equipment

  • Internationals

  • Freightliners

  • Kenworth 

* No cameras in trucks!

Transmission Type

  • 10 Speed

Average age of tractor

  • 2018 or newer

Is truck permanently assigned to the driver?

  • YES, can be taken home as long as there is a secure parking place

Truck Speed

  • 64 mph

Can truck be taken home for time off?

  • Yes, as long as there is a secure parking place

  • Shorthaul: The Driver can take the truck & trailer home if they live outside of a 50 mile radius of the terminal. If the Driver lived within a 50 mile radius, they will park at the terminal

Is truck equipped with Invertors / APU's?

  • All equipped with a 1500W invertor

  • Do not come equipped with a fridge, but there is room for one

  • They don't have any APU's on the HAEI tractors. All of the company tractors are set up w/ an Opti-Idle program, where the truck has an extra set of batteries to control the heating/cooling systems. The truck simply kicks on/off to keep the batteries from dying and keep the temperature at the drivers desired setting.

% of Drop and Hook

  • 85%

% of No Touch  

  • 95%

% are Haz-Mat Loads 

  • Less than 1%

Pay Scale (Solo)  

  • See Pay tab or Hiring Maps tab on the Information Sheet

Pay Scale (Team) 

  • See Pay tab or Hiring Maps tab on the Information Sheet

Type of Driver Pay  

  • per mile

When are drivers paid?  

  • Weekly - Fridays

How are drivers paid?  

  • Direct Deposit

Pay Increase

  • $0.005 cpm every year

Primary Running Areas

  • OTR

  • Regional

Average Miles per wk. 

  • Regional: 2000-2200 miles per week     

  • OTR: 2200-2500 miles per week

  • Teams: 4500-5000 miles per week

Average Length of Haul  

  • Varies with run

Home Time / Days Out 

  • See Hiring Maps for more info on Dedicated Needs

  • Regional will get Drivers home weekly

  • Weekends off is NOT guaranteed!

* No banking of home time

Driver Vacation Info  

  • 1 week after first year

How is Driver Vacation Calculated?  

  • Paid on average miles for the past year

EZ Pass provided  

  • Yes, except on the Phoenix Regional

Pre-Pass Provided

  • Yes

Toll Cards Provided (Which toll cards?)

  • Yes

Type of Fuel Card

  • EFS

Layover Pay

  • $12/hour starting after the 1st hour

Dock Detention Pay

  • Yes but depends on customer

Multi-Stop Pay

  • $15 per stop AFTER first stop

New York City

  • Yes; $50

Safety Bonus

  • $0.01 cpm; paid annually

  • Based on driving accident (preventable) free

  • Up to $0.03 cpm after multiple years of safer driving

Rider Policy


  • After 30 days

  • $22 per month

  • They allow passengers in the winter

  • No accidents in the last 12 months

Pet Policy

  • No

Is there 24 hour dispatch?

  • Yes

Does driver have routing / fuel stop flexibility?

  • Variable, they do have a fuel stop program

Qualcomm Provided

  • People Net 

  • Navigation is available on all tractors

Idle Air Policy

  • No

Max. Idle Air %

  • Depends on the area the driver is in

Is per diem optional?

  • Optional

Paid Orientation

  • Yes, minimum wage

  • See attachment below

*** Orientation pay is paid on the EFS card so a driver can get access to their money within a couple of hours

How long is Orientation

  • 3 days

Orientation is held where?

  • All terminal locations

What day does orientation start / end?

  • Starts on Monday or Wednesday

Lodging Provided (Where will the driver be staying?)

  • Yes

  • Single Occupancy

Meals Provided (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Orientation Instructor takes you to lunch

Travel Provided (Bus / Plane /Car Rental)

  • Bus provided

  • If driver takes other form of transportation, they will reimburse costs UP TO what the price of that bus ticket would have cost

Insurance Starts When?

  •  Begins the first of the month following 60 days of employment

  • United Health Care

* See Insurance Start Dates in the Information sheet below, under the benefits tab


  • We will match 1/2 or 50% of 3% of their total pay each week, up to $2,000 max per year. So if they put in to contribute between 1-3% of their pay each week to the 401k, we will match 50% of that amount, up to $2,000 annually.

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