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We Hire Truck Drivers for Nextier Trucking




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 Accepted Experience Levels 
12 months T/T experience in the past 18 months

NexTier offers CDL drivers for a variety of positions, including heavy-equipment hauling, portable-tank transportation, sand and rock transport, and one of the largest fluid-transportation fleets in the nation.  Our extensive safety program is designed to keep our drivers safe behind the wheel.  We are looking for applicants who share our same drive for excellence.

All information is subject to change without notice but is valid to our knowledge at this time.


Minimum Age

  • 21 years of age

Minimum Experience (tractor Trailer/OTR)

  • 12 months T/T experience in the past 18 months

* MUST be able to drive a standard

* MUST be able to pass background test

* Oil Field experience preferred 

Moving Violations (max in 3 year period)

  • No more than 2 in the past year

  • No more than 3 in the past 3 years

Policy on License suspensions

  • No license suspension in the last five years

DOT Recordable Accidents

  • Will review

Maximum Major Moving Violation (in the last 3 years)

  • No more than two moving violations in the last three years

Major Moving Violations- that are automatic DQ's

  •  Will review

Max. Number of Jobs- in the last 3 years

  • No more than 4 in the last 3 years

Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted for

  • Will review

Terminated Applicants

  • Will review

Felony Convictions - How old must they be?
Based off the conviction date? What are the "silver bullets"?

  • Will review

Misdemeanors- How old must they be?
Automatic DQ's?

  • Will review

DUI/DWI- What is the max number and what
time frames do they need to fall outside of?

  • None in the past 5 years

Is Haz-Mat Required? Is there a grace period for
driver to obtain it?

  • Not required

Reimbursed for Haz-Mat?

  • No

Other Endorsements Required

  • No

Drug Screening

  • Urine

DOT Physical Requirements

  • Driver must take and pass a new DOT Physical at the time of Orientation

Other Automatic DQ's.

  • Failed Drug/Alcohol Test



Sign-On Bonus

$7500.00 Sign On Bonus

  • $2500 at 3 Months of experience

  • $2500 at 6 months of experience

  • $2500 at 12 months of experience

Driver Types

  • Sand Hauler

Types of Runs

  • OTR

Type of Freight

  •  Oil Field

Type of Equipment

  • Kenworth T800's

Transmission Type

  • 18 Speed - Standard Transmission

Average age of tractor

  • 2012 with low miles

Is truck permanently assigned to the driver?

  • Yes - No slip seating

Truck Speed

  •  72 mph

Can truck be taken home for time off?

  • No

Is truck equipped with Invertors / APU's?

  • No inverters at this time

Pay Scale (Solo)  

  • $1000.00 weekly pay guarantee, when working

Type of Driver Pay  

  • Percentage of load (27% minimum)

When are drivers paid?  

  • Weekly

How are drivers paid?  

  • Direct Deposit

Pay Increase

  • Reviews are given to new hires after 6 months & a year, then annually.

  • No pay increases are guaranteed

Primary Hiring Areas

  • Mansfield PA - FULL

  • South of Pittsburg, PA (work is around Waynesburg, PA)

  • Will hire in ANY Eastern state, as long as they are closer to Mill Hall, PA than Houston, TX (we do not get credit for TX Drivers)

  • Driver must take care of their own travel to and from work

Average Miles per wk. 

  • N/A

Average Length of Haul  

  • 70 miles

Home Time / Days Out 

  • 6 days on & 3 days off

  • 10 days on and 5 days off

  • 14 days on and 7 days off

  • 15 days on and 3 days off

  • 20 days on and 10 days off

Average Yearly Pay  

  • $82K - $100K

  • Drivers that hustle can make over $100K per year

Driver Vacation Info  

  • 7 days of PTO each year

New York City

  • No

Is EZ Pass provided? 

  • No

Is Pre-Pass provided?

  • No

Are toll cards provided? If so, which ones?

  • No

Type of fuel card?

  • WEX

Safety Bonus

  • No

Rider Policy

  • No

Pet Policy

  • No

Is there 24 hour dispatch?

  • Yes

Qualcomm Provided

  • Not Qualcomm, But MIX telematics ELD and GPS

Is per diem optional?

  • No

  • $35 per day

Paid Orientation

  • Yes

  • $18.00 per hour

How long is Orientation

  • 1 week for HR & Safety

  • 1 week for Driving

Orientation is held where?

  • Mill Hall, PA

What day does orientation start / end?

  • Monday - Friday

May 2021 Orientation Dates

  • Monday - 5/10

  • Monday - 5/24

Lodging Provided (Where will the driver be staying?)

  • Yes

Meals Provided (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • No

Travel Provided (Bus / Plane /Car Rental)

  • No

Insurance Starts When?

  • First of the month following Orientation

Single Cost per month

  • Health Savings Account Plan: $67.01

  • Base Health Plan: $110.70

Employee & Spouse Cost per month

  • Health Savings Account Plan: $227.43

  • Base Health Plan: $366.97

Employee & Child(ren) Cost per month

  • Health Savings Account Plan: $188.81

  • Base Health Plan: $314.81

Family Cost per month

  • Health Savings Account Plan: $267.51

  • Base Health Plan: $445.96

Vision Insurance

  • Yes

401 (k) Retirement Plan

  • Yes

  • No Match