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We Hire Truck Drivers for Venezia Transport




‪(931) 548-6610‬

 Accepted Experience Levels 
1 year in the past 3 years


Point System

  • 6 Points on MVR is the max allowed

  • See Driver Trak System

Minimum Experience (tractor Trailer/OTR)

  • 1 year Class A experience required

  • Does not have to be OTR

* Requires mathematical capability

Moving Violations (max in 3 year period)

  • No more than 3 moving violations on their MVR

Policy on License suspensions

  • Will review

DOT Recordable Accidents

  • See Driver Trak System

Incidents (max in 3 year period)

  • See Driver Trak System

Ticket / Accident / Incident Combo

  • See Driver Trak System

Maximum Major Moving Violation (in the last 3 years)

  • See Driver Trak System

Major Moving Violations- that are automatic DQ's

  • No Careless in the last 3 years 

  • No Reckless in the last 5 years

Max. Number of Jobs- in the last 3 years

  • No more than 7 jobs in the past 3 years

Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted for

  • Will review

Terminated Applicants

  • Will review

Felony Convictions - How old must they be?
Based off the conviction date? What are the "silver bullets"?

  • Will review

Misdemeanors- How old must they be?
Automatic DQ's?

  • Will review

DUI/DWI- What is the max number and what
time frames do they need to fall outside of?

  • None in the past 5 years

Is Haz-Mat Required? Is there a grace period for
driver to obtain it?

  • Yes

  • Within 60 days of hire

Reimbursed for Haz-Mat?

  • Will reimburse

Other Endorsements Required

  • MUST have Tanker Endorsement

  • Should have TWIC

DOT Physical Requirements

  • Driver will be given a DOT physical at orientation

Drug Screening

  • Urine



Sign-On Bonus

$5000 Sign On Bonus

  • $2500 at 6 months

  • $2500 at 1 year

* No Sign On Bonus for Local Dry Bulk

Driver Types

  • Solo Company

Types of Runs

  • Regional

Type of Freight

  • Tanker: Admixture (Admix) - A liquid additive that gets mixed with concrete powder and what makes it harden

  • Local Dry Bulk - Pneumatic Tanker Runs- No endorsement necessary- will train on tanker

* Each off load requires the driver to un-rack the hoses and pull the opposite end to a holding tank that the product is being pumped in

* They can be tighter areas as they are typically concrete construction and batch plant environments. They will have to manually start the pump that is on the trailer by pulling what looks like a lawn mower start, making sure there is water running through and punch off a card based upon the number of gallons each customer has requested.

Type of Equipment

  • Macs, Internationals and Petes 

Transmission Type

  • 90% Auto

  • 10% Manual

* Will take a Driver with an automatic restriction

Average age of tractor

  • 5 years

Is truck permanently assigned to the driver?

  • Yes

Truck Speed

  • 68 mph

Can truck be taken home for time off?

  • No

  • Must park at the terminal

Is truck equipped with Invertors / APU's?

  • Yes

% of No Touch  

  • 100% touch

  • Physical job

Pay Scale (Solo)  

  • Mileage empty starting at $0.54 CPM and loaded $0.59 CPM with a scale that goes up with prior tanker experience

  • Guaranteed minimum of $1400 per week for their first year

Type of Driver Pay  

  • Mileage & Stop

When are drivers paid?  

  • Weekly

How are drivers paid?  

  • Direct Deposit

Pay Increase

  • Will review

Hiring Areas

They need a TOTAL of 5 drivers regardless of the locations;

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Fairless Hills, PA

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Swedesboro, NJ

  • Within a 20 mile radius of Winchester, VA

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Washington, DC

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Baltimore, MD

Local Dry Bulk Hiring Areas

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Nazareth, PA

  • Within a 15 mile radius of  York, PA

  • Within a 15 mile radius of Evansville, PA

Primary Running Areas

  • Up and down 95 corridor from Mass down to North Carolina

Local Dry Bulk

  • Travel 250 mile radius

Average Miles per wk. 

  • This is more of an activity based roll and not as much a mileage based roll

Average Length of Haul  

  • Depends

Home Time / Days Out 

  • Home weekly

  • Out Monday, home most likely Friday evening, if Saturday morning they will go out later on Monday 

Local Dry Bulk

  • Home daily - Early morning starts between 2-5 am running a 10-14 hour shift.  Dry Bulk powdered materials cement powder lime etc.  No endorsements, will train. Travel 250 mile radius no slip seating. 2-3 loads per day.

Average Weekly Pay  

  • $1400 - $1800 per week

Local Dry Bulk

  • Nazareth, PA - $1300 per week

  • York, PA - $1225 per week

  • Evansville, PA - $1100 per week

* Mileage, loading and unloading pays with a $22 hourly min guarantee

Misc. Info On Columbia or Holly Hill, SC

  • Early morning starts between 2-5 am running within a 250 mile radius

  • Drivers do between 2-3 loads per day hauling cement powder

  • 10-14 hour shifts

Driver Vacation Info  

  • Vacation pay

EZ Pass provided  

  • Yes

Pre-Pass Provided

  • No

Toll Cards Provided (Which toll cards?)

  • N/A

Type of Fuel Card

  • Comdata

Dock Detention Pay

  • 2 hours on loading & 1 hour on unloading

  • $22.00/hour

Multi-Stop Pay

  • Typically average 3-6 stops per day

  • First stop - $45.00

  • Every stop after - $25.00

New York City

  • Rarely

  • $65 NYC premium

Safety Bonus

  • Annual

Rider Policy

  • Starts immediately after training

  • Must be at least 12 years of age

  • $15.00 per month

Pet Policy

  • No

Is there 24 hour dispatch?

  • Yes

Qualcomm Provided

  • Yes

Is per diem optional?

  • None

Paid Orientation

  • $198/day

How long is Orientation

  • 3 Days

Orientation is held where?

  • Limerick, PA 

What day does orientation start / end?

  • Starts every Monday

  • Ends every Wednesday

  • Will leave orientation on first load w/ trainer

  • Paid training $22 per hour 3-5 day training period

Lodging Provided (Where will the driver be staying?)

  • Yes

  • Single Occupancy

Meals Provided (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • Breakfast at Hotel

  • Lunch on Venezia

Travel Provided (Bus / Plane /Car Rental)

  • Rental Car

  • Will reimburse mileage and gas if Driver drives themselves

Insurance Starts When?

  • Benefits after 30 days

  • BCBS

Vision & Dental Insurance

  • Yes

Life Insurance

  • Yes

401 (k) Retirement Plan

  • 401k with match