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We Hire Truck Drivers for Dollar General


Dollar General Pay $70K-$75K Starting Out Annually; Avg. Fleet Driver makes $80K-$85K Annually Based on Experience and Type of Run




‪(931) 548-6610‬

 Accepted Experience Levels 
3 months current OR 1 year in the last 18 months

All information is subject to change without notice but is valid to our knowledge at this time.


Minimum Age

  • At least 21 years of age

Minimum Experience (tractor Trailer/OTR)

  • 3 months current verifiable T/T experience

  • 1 year of verifiable T/T experience in the past 18 months (PREFERRED) 

* Local Experience will count

* Trailers MUST be 45’ or up

* Will consider Military experience

* DG Berkeley will now consider any driver straight out of trucking school!

Moving Violations (max in 3 year period)

  • No more than 2 in the last 3 years

Policy on License suspensions

  • Upon review

DOT Recordable Accidents

  • Upon review

Incidents (max in 3 year period)

  • Upon review

Ticket / Accident / Incident Combo

  • Upon review

Maximum Major Moving Violation (in the last 3 years)

  • No more than 2 in the last 3 years

Major Moving Violations- that are automatic DQ's

  • Upon review

Max. Number of Jobs- in the last 3 years

  • No more than 2 jobs in the last year AND no more than 6 jobs in the last 3 years

Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted for

  • Upon review

Terminated Applicants

  • No terminations for safety

  • All others will be reviewed

Felony Convictions - How old must they be?
Based off the conviction date? What are the "silver bullets"?

  • No Felonies

Misdemeanors- How old must they be?
Automatic DQ's?

  • No sexual or drug related

  • All others will be reviewed

DUI/DWI- What is the max number and what
time frames do they need to fall outside of?

  • None in the last 12 months

  • May have more than 1 in a lifetime

  • No failed or refused drug/alcohol tests in a lifetime

Is Haz-Mat Required? Is there a grace period for
driver to obtain it?

  • No

Other Endorsements Required

  • None

Long Form Physical Required Up Front?

  • Yes

Drug Screening

  • Urine


  • Dollar General provides initial shirts only when hired on

  • They provide 5 T-Shirts

  • They require the drivers to be presentable when delivering to their stores

  • As shirts become tattered they provide replacement shirts at a minimal cost



Sign-On Bonus

  • Not at this time

Driver Types

  • Company Solo

Types of Runs

  • Regional

  • Local 

Type of Freight

  • Dry Van

Type of Equipment

  • 2016-2018 Freightliner Cascadia and 2018 International LT

* Cameras - Front Facing Cameras - Event Only

Transmission Type

  •  Auto

  • 10 speed

Is truck permanently assigned to the driver?

  •  Yes 

Truck Speed

  • 68 on the cruise

  • 65 at the pedal

Can truck be taken home for time off?

  • Yes if outside 50 miles of distribution center

Is truck equipped with Invertors / APU's?

  • EPU

% of Drop and Hook

  • 5%

% of No Touch  

  • 100% Touch Freight

% are Haz-Mat Loads 

  • NA

Pay Scale (Solo)  

  • See Info file below

Pay Scale (Team) 

  • See Info file below

When are drivers paid?  

  • Weekly

How are drivers paid?  

  • Direct Deposit

Pay Increase

  • .01 cpm per year

Primary Running Areas

  • South Central and South East

Average Miles per wk. 

  • Regional 1600-1800

Average Length of Haul  

  • Regional is 350

Home Time / Days Out 

  • See Driver Needs Sheet

Average Weekly Pay  

  • Regional $1300

Driver Vacation Info  

  • 1st week at 6 months

  • 2 weeks after 1st year

  • 3 weeks after 15 years

How is Driver Vacation Calculated?  

  • Weekly Avg. 

EZ Pass provided  

  • YES

Pre-Pass Provided

  • YES

Toll Cards Provided (Which toll cards?)

  • NA

Type of Fuel Card

  • Comdata

Layover Pay

  • $65 after 24 hours

Dock Detention Pay

  • $20/hr after 2 hours

Multi-Stop Pay

  • NA

New York City

  • No

Safety Bonus

  • Quarterly at $.035/mile on all miles driven for the quarter

Dollar General Team Share Bonus Program

  •  Team share is company wide based on how the company does as a whole.  Depending on how the company does, a driver can earn the equivalent of 2 weeks’ pay as a team share payout.  Along with this, if the company under performs a bit our drivers may still receive a bonus.  Example: if the company does ok they may pay out 80% team share.  The drivers in return would receive 80% of their 2 weeks’ pay.  If the company does well and pays out 110% then the drivers will receive 110% payout of their 2 weeks. Drivers are set to receive around 2 week’s pay for team share and receive their % payout based on the company’s performance for the year.

Rider Policy

  • No

Pet Policy

  • No

Is there 24 hour dispatch?

  • No

Does driver have routing / fuel stop flexibility?

  • Yes

Qualcomm Provided

  • Yes

Idle Air Policy

  • No

Max. Idle Air %

  • 10%

Is per diem optional?

  • No

Paid Orientation

  • Yes

  • Based on 13 week average pay

How long is Orientation

  • 2 days

Orientation is held where?

  • At the Distribution Center

What day does orientation start / end?

  • Monday – Tuesday (occasionally Wednesday if there’s a large class)

Lodging Provided (Where will the driver be staying?)

  • Hotel

Meals Provided (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • DG will provide a $25/day per diem payment for food during orientation/training IF they are required to stay in a hotel locally away from home (60+ miles from DC to be eligible for travel accommodations). Or if they are sent to another building than their home terminal to train.

Travel Provided (Bus / Plane /Car Rental)

  • Bus

  • Plane

  • Car rental (driver reimbursed)

Insurance Starts When?

Immediately upon hire;

  • Medical, Dental & Vision- Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Tennessee